Geostorm (2017)

I’ve always told myself the day man controls the weather is the day the world ends. This movie drives the point home like no tomorrow.

Geostorm is based on what could happen if the world came together to solve global warming with a blank check. At least that is how it starts until the head Jake Lawson, played by Gerard Butler, is fired from his post by his politically minded younger brother Max. Years later the brothers have to come together in order to attempt to fix what appears at first to be mechanical malfunctions.

The character dynamic is somewhat typical for an older and younger brother who are different with different intentions. One is a science guru while the other is trying to climb the political ladder within the U.S. Government. Obviously, there is resentment on both sides which widens the distance between them. As the movie unfolds the two must work together to unravel the mystery behind what is happening as new clues come to light.

By now you may have seen the movie so if I spoil it for you, I apologize (not really because it is from 2017 and it is 2019 at the time of this writing). The space station seems to have malfunctions which almost seem targeted as Jake tries to fix things. While his brother learns from a friend, who found some important information, was almost killed in his own office. Eventually the pieces come together but they end up having to destroy the station in the end.

The movie does keep you guessing because some scenes make you think Max’s girlfriend might be in on the cover-up along with a few people on the space station. If you pay attention you can spot some things just before they happen. Notably when Max’s friend gets hit by the car you can see the hitman standing behind him. Another predicable moment is when they blow up the taxi the president is escaping in (you can hear the girlfriend say something about it being a self-driving cab when they first get in). Small details which anyone could easily overlook when caught in the action.

Overall the movie didn’t really leave a worthwhile impression on me. I don’t think I would go out of my way to watch it again. I had high hopes for it when I saw the original commercials and TV ads before it was released in theaters. Maybe it would have been better on the big screen instead of streamed via Hulu.

The visuals are impressive, and the acting is what we’ve all come to expect but the storytelling and imagery really don’t get the emotions going. The only time I felt proud or got those “chills” was at the end when Jake and the lead scientists get rescued and make it home safely. Otherwise it feels flat.

In the end the movie gets just three stars. It you’re a Gerard Butler fan and haven’t seen the movie then I would give it a watch, otherwise you can keep scrolling down the watchlist or flipping channels.

On a side note the movie portrays the U.S. Government as the typical paranoid ridden control freaks everyone makes them out to be. You when they fear everyone and need to keep the biggest and baldest weapon for themselves. This isn’t the Red Scare era so not everyone is a threat. A little cliché and an overplayed viewpoint in my opinion, but you wouldn’t have a movie without Big Bad Big Brother.


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