Captain Marvel (2019)

It’s Captain Marvel… more like Captain Mediocre. I’m going to stay away from all the political nonsense people try to paint this movie with. The only thing I am going to say about it is that they released it at the right time to get more people into the theater.

I have no background with Captain Marvel and didn’t even know she existed. I thought at first it was just attempt at a female Captain America. I was proven wrong when someone mentioned she’s been around for a long time, since the late sixties! Now that’s cool and there is a lot more history about the character than I originally thought but that’s not why you or I are here.

Alright, back to the movie. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it so it will be another high-level review.

The movie follows Vers as she hunts down some shape shifting aliens called the Skrull. When I heard the word Kree my brain started thinking “wait, these are bad guys in Guardian’s of the Galaxy” and “why would she be working with them”. All those questions do get answered in the end. She has no memory of her past during the beginning of  the movie and it slowly builds up to her getting it back.

Sadly though, despite the box office numbers, the movie doesn’t build up too much. The entire movie felt like it should have been a Netflix Original or something. It didn’t have the big screen flare I was anticipating from a Marvel/Super Hero film. I felt like it would have made a better TV Series. I don’t think it was the acting because they all did a phenomenal job.

The movie has a lot of talking which I don’t recall in previous Marvel movies and the action is short lived. I don’t recall getting that tingly sensation while watching this. The movie also tries to be funny at parts but the only part that really got the audience laughing out loud was the cat. A cat who literally stole the entire show. Best character in the movie, the cat, hands down. You’ll know why when you see it. The buildup does not disappoint.

Eventually we learn who Vers is and then Captain Marvel is born. We get to experience her powers and even though they are extraordinary they seem a bit much. It got me thinking about her only weakness is probably helping those in need.

Personally, I feel Captain Marvel was not written well. The character should have had more depth. The movie felt like just filler until End Game comes out. Too much talking and not enough butt-kicking. This is the sad part because I really had high hopes for this movie, I wanted to look up at Captain Marvel and be like “now that’s a badass”. I understand the importance of some of the undertones this movie used but I don’t want to base this review on those and let it get all political. For me, the movie only gets three stars. I’d give it two and a half if I had a half point rating scale.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then I would totally go just to make sure you know her story before End Game. If you catch in on Disney+ (which I think is the only way to stream it) then you’re not missing much by not seeing it on the silver screen. The acting was fine as we come to expect but, as I said before, the movie is missing something. Another interesting thing that was discussed with someone else who saw the movie and found it lacking is that maybe we have become numb to these types of movies since they pump them out like Henry Ford and the Model-T.


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