Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

The explosive conclusion to the Maze Runner trilogy. Seriously, there are enough explosions at the end to satisfy any demo junkie.

Sadly though, this movie falls victim to the most common enemy of sequels. It just doesn’t deliver. I am not going to lay out what happens in the movie, but I will point out scenes that should have been interesting or moments that just didn’t make any sense.

The beginning for example has too many issues that make the entire thing look fake. They go to attack a train and the crew can’t defend it correctly. A gunship comes to help and gets distracted by one of the vehicles. If you’re assigned to protect a VIP and get drawn that far away, you deserve whatever happens. The trained soldiers can’t hit anything when trying to stop the Gladers from taking one of the containers. WCKD must have hired some of Darth Vader’s stormtroopers for guard duty that day.

After the flopped rescue attempt, mostly because they grabbed the wrong container not containing Minho; our heroes decide to head to the WCKD stronghold known as the Last City. Seriously, the Last City? You couldn’t give it a name? Anyway, they end up in a tunnel and as they try to escape from some feral Cranks, they flip their ride over. The entire ordeal didn’t build up much suspense so the only reason I can find for them wrecking their ride is the driver couldn’t remain calm under pressure. What he hit could have easily been avoided. Continuing off this blunder the driver then gets a hold of a shotgun but prematurely fires into the oncoming ferals too early. He then goes to shout he is out of ammo. Seriously dude you blew it. Lucky for them rescue arrives.

Eventually they arrive at the outer city limits and when a patrol passes by one of the guards looks at Thomas with such intent, you know that look you give someone when you know you’ve seen them before. This same group of guards abducts Thomas and the gang as the city’s guns open fire on the amassed crowed near the gate. This whole time I am like this must be someone from one of the other movies, he is looking at Thomas too hard. At one point I was thinking that it was the kid they killed… and behold Gally, back from the dead. They explain this, but I find it a bit ridiculous. You might be immune to the Flare but not a spear through the chest… Live and let live, I guess.

Next up is our mutated rebellion boss living outside the city who agrees to help our Gladers get into the city. He isn’t explained and doesn’t have a large part to play yet he is supposed to be this feared person. His idiocy and ideals end up destroying the city they so desperately want to enter. Why would you want to go into the city so badly just to blow it to pieces? That’s like visiting the Garden of Eden and burning it down. Horrible planning on the rebellions part because nobody wins in that situation. They don’t have a city to live in and senselessly murdered the non WCKD employees living inside. I mean you don’t see anyone die but apartment buildings get leveled so you can imagine the loss of life. The people living outside are more like a bunch of terrorists rather than freedom fighters.

While inside the city they must team up with Teresa, now this presents a problem for Thomas who still apparently has feelings for her and vice versa. Yet she betrayed them in the second movie, big time. Although she helps them, it just seems so out of place. She just seems conflicted throughout the entire ordeal. Spoiler, she ends up dying. Not that I feel bad, but I guess the movie couldn’t have two girls interested in Thomas at the same time *cough* Brenda, *cough*. She does however use Thomas’ blood to develop a viable cure. I guess that’s something worth dying for.

The head of WCKD seems to show some compassion about wanting to find a cure and not the cold-hearted bitch who started these experiments in the first place. Like you can’t just suddenly get soft like that, even if the infection has gone airborne and your ‘Last City’ is doomed to fall. Spoiler, she gets shot and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to feel bad. I just found myself saying “you deserved that one”.

Newt’s infection is another part of the movie that doesn’t make sense. It seems so drawn out when they try to get him some serum to save him and arrive just moments too late because he ends up stabbing himself while fighting Thomas. A part of his sanity remains as the Flare begins to take over.

The movie just lacks a lot and the situations are just too perfectly planned. What I do like about the movie is the world building and locations they used for filming. Mostly on the outside of the city. I am a fan of dystopian style movies and books so maybe I am biased for that type of imagery. The acting wasn’t bad but not the best either and it didn’t really have any moments which would make your hair stand up with excitement or suspense. It didn’t leave me wanting more, but instead left me wanting to write my own story.

The best part of the movie was the end. One, because it was the end and two, it didn’t leave anything open to make another movie. I really hope they don’t waste their time and start making prequels.

Maybe I will pick up the books and see if they are any better. I could use a good read after watching this.

Overall, I would give it three stars. A mediocre rating for a mediocre film. If you haven’t seen it then I wouldn’t go out of your way to do so.


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