Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

The second movie and the Maze Runner series. Not as good as the original but not that bad.

The character chemistry is still there between Thomas and the gang of Gladers and he is still always marching ahead. This time I think he is going too quickly. It feels the moment he is rescued he is staging an escape after what… two, three days tops?

The pace of this movie made me realize something I hadn’t realized when I watched it before. So, we all know the title of the movie is ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’, but I don’t recall them participating in any trials like they did in the WCKD Maze. It took them years to map the maze. I think this test was supposed to much more real to help develop whatever enzyme WCKD wanted to extract. What sort of gives this away is when they reach the abandoned mall and they say that someone had been there before. The lack of WCKD pursuit also makes it a bit odd since they only come when called.

WCKD only purses the teens once they get tied up by Jorge and someone radios them and even at the end when they are contacted by Teresa who had her memory restored. As I put together the pieces it seems like it was all planned but maybe, just maybe the very end is where the plan goes wrong. WCKD was testing the kids and partially letting them escape only to track them down. A sick and demented plan but one that could only be completed by the most daring kids. Hence why when the head of WCKD says to harvest the newest arrivals they go after Thomas and company. We don’t know what happens to the others.

New friends and alliances are made at the cost of a few old ones. This movie, at least to me, seems to narrow down the main characters a bit and focus on the relationship between Thomas and Teresa. Due to the movies lack of story, character development is limited. We don’t learn anything new about the teens.

It does get the emotions going occasionally which is a good sign but at serious cost. The ending is just a bit overly dramatic and sometimes seem a bit silly. I found myself rolling my eyes at the end a few times as they talked. It could have been a much more interesting movie if they had just stuck to the same formula as the first one. Focus on the escape and survival in the scorch and you might have had a much better movie! I would say this movie fell victim to simply being a sequel. The ‘let’s build on the success of the old one while delivering an inferior product’ mentality.

I don’t have much else to say about this movie. It is not the original and therefore not as good. I didn’t leave that much of an impression on me and I find it hard to remember any real significant moments. It seems the only story development is the ending.

In the end I would give the movie three stars. It answers a few questions and only provides a little bit more story. It doesn’t deliver on getting the emotions going. It gets three stars for great acting, good chemistry, and visuals. If you haven’t seen it and want to continue to story, then I’d say give it a watch but don’t feel bad if you switch to something else midway through and forget what you were just watching. It is an easily forgettable movie.


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