Aquaman (2018)

I am AQUAMAN… yeah, and you still smell like fish.

I am just going to put this out there… this movie should have come out BEFORE Justice League, but DC isn’t Marvel. DC is like Burger King to McDonald’s. Marvel does all the hard work and DC just opens shop next door. There I said it. Somebody needed too. Moving on.

I am going to start with the plot. It is similar in many ways to the tale of King Arthur, except with fish and tridents. Basically, just a half-blood coming home to take the throne from his jerk brother who thinks he is hot shit. Nothing too spectacular. I will say they do try to throw some twists in but even before they explain the ploy I am like “yeah this attack is fake”. If you saw the movie already you know what I am taking about. If not, I won’t spoil it. Even though I don’t usually care if I spoil movies. Let’s just say I was guessing things before they were revealed. Just had a bit of predictability to it. How he made one of his greatest enemies though had me excited Aquaman might be a badass by deciding to let someone die. Something I haven’t seen in a lot of movies lately. Normally you end up watching hundreds die in large battles with little to no consequences for the heroes. This one was more personal.

The imagery was also something in this movie was completely over the top. I understand it is hard to film something underwater, but it just feels washed with CGI. Like one big green screen. Also, it feels like a cologne commercial with Jason Momoa walking out of the water. Every scene like that is in 4K UHD with the hair going in all directions and the water drips. A big burly sexy manly man slowly walking out of the water…

The movies scenes just seem over dramatic and only a few of them spark an emotional response, at least from me. You know when you feel like ‘yeah, he is a badass’ or ‘damn that hits home’. The movie was made to thrill and that is only if you like crazy images and wildly animated fights. It is also probably best if you catch the movie in the theater. Bigger screen and a better sound system to give you the full effect.

Even though the villain, Black Manta, is given a small background, for the viewers to understand, he still just seems like a joke when fighting Aguaman. One thing I never understood is that he needed Atlantean Steel to pierce Arthur’s skin, yet his grandfather’s blade was able to do it… the fight is just drawn out between Arthur’s struggle with Black Manta and Mera with his commandos. Also, his suit makes him look like a clown. Seriously, I was thinking of Man Ray from SpongeBob… I couldn’t think of the name, but it is Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. I kept saying Aquaman and Barnacle Boy. The movie has its moments where you can’t tell if it is a superhero movie or a parody of one. Mainly because Aquaman seems like a Neanderthal sometimes.

On a side note, Mera reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The entire time I was thinking they would try to tie this in to a Little Mermaid live action of some sort. I don’t know which character came first but it looks like someone copied someone. It’s the hair, way too red.

Overall, I would give the movie 3 stars. Just seems so over the top to make up for a lacking plot to introduce a character we have already been exposed to in the Justice League. The acting was okay. Momoa did a good job but the others just seemed a bit bland. I don’t think I could see anyone currently able to beat Momoa as Aquaman in terms of looks. If you’re a DC fan, then I would say go see this movie. If you don’t know anything about Aquaman, then go see it. True fans might not like it but since I don’t know much about the comics, I can’t speak much on how accurate it is.

Don’t take my word for it, go see it yourself. I wasn’t that impressed, but it is definitely a film you need to see while on the big screen. I saw it in IMAX and that alone was worth it.


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