Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Khaaaan!!!! A strong blaaaast from the paaaast!!!!

I remember watching this movie in theaters. It really was, at the time, a movie that needed to be watched on the silver screen. I enjoyed this movie as much as I enjoyed the first one. You can read my review here. So, if you enjoyed the first one there is a huge probability you’ve watched this movie also.

We follow Captain Kirk as he goes up against an old enemy that fans will immediately recognize, Kahn. We learn early on that Khan is vastly superior in every way to us humans and can use his own blood to bring the dead back to life. This brief display was probably aimed more at the new fans, so they have a high-level understanding of Khan. Especially when Kirk tried to punch him and fails to even bruise his skin.

Acting was on par with the first film with all characters falling into perfect harmony like I explained in my first review. The cast still deserves the credit for truly bringing back the feeling of watching the original characters. I saw more of Scotty in Simon Pegg which is a great improvement. Benedict Cumberbatch also did a fantastic job as Khan. His hair could have been a but longer but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. I also noticed that, after watching it a second time, that the man in the beginning is the same actor who played in Dr. Who as Ricky and Mickey Smith, Noel Clarke.

I still can’t see Sulu and Uhura being that active but since it is an ‘alternate reality’ anything is possible, so I probably need to give them more time. I do understand the original actor who played Uhura was an important character at the time of the original series and a role model for many.

I will say that the acting didn’t get my emotions going but the imagery and music once again did its job flawlessly. I found myself getting that tingling feeling with imaged of the Enterprise falling from the sky versus the crew doing their jobs. Maybe that is because I am a very imaginative person and I like the imagery. Speaking of imagery, as I watched the movie for the second time, I noticed a lot of things I didn’t originally pickup on in theater. You can spot a model of the new starship in the admiral’s office and you can pickup on a few things through conversation. You may not put all those pieces together the first time you watch the movie, but the second time will have you shouting, “how did I miss that!” Well you might not actually shout it out loud. I always get so caught in the story and visuals that I miss some things too.

The purpose of Khan’s mission is to save the remnants of his people which has always been his mission even in the original series. This time he has been used by the Federation which is what triggers his one-man war. I did learn while watching on Prime Video that J. J. Abrams used the alternate reality as a ploy to be able to pull from the different series and create new adventures. Too bad I realized that on my own before reading about it but still cool none the less.

Anyway, Khan is eventually subdued by Spock, who seems to be the only person to fight him and do some sort of damage to him. Given he did survive a crash landing of a starship which not to mention had to have killed many people which is not even mentioned. Yet the manhunt started after forty something people died in an explosion. Time is also not kept in check since everything seems to happen in a matter of days. I am starting to realize this is also prevalent in a lot of original episodes. I may have originally said otherwise.

In the end, I give this movie a four out of five-star rating. The acting was pretty good, and the visuals were on par with the first film. It is unusual that a sequel can deliver on the level that this one was able to do. It has its flaws, but it still delivers. If you haven’t seen I would add it to your watch list.


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