What If (2014)

First and foremost, I am not a big fan of romance movies. Normally I don’t like all the lovey-dovey stuff they throw in your face. I’ve watched this movie a few times and I must say it is pretty good. Out of all the movies I’ve reviewed so far this is the best one.

To be fair to myself I watched this during some personal hardship that I won’t get into, but I enjoyed the story of how two people can fall in love the way Wallace and Chantry did. The story progresses at an easy pace and shows you the awkward moments in a friendship where you can really feel that they like one other. It sometimes makes me wish that maybe something like that will happen to me, but this review isn’t about me. I promise you I am not that exciting.

Wallace is a young man who has had some bad relationships and is now kind of stuck on a dead-end street until he awkwardly meets Chantry at a party. Both characters are awkward and played very well. I was laughing at some of the banter they would throw at one another as it almost sounded like something I would say. You know, the oversharing and random weird quirky facts people may know.

Chantry’s character is an awkward animator who isn’t sure about her life or career because she keeps turning down promotions because she’s content with her job. Her relationship with her long-term boyfriend seems a bit strained at times and as a viewer I felt her boyfriend just didn’t really love her. I could be mistaken as we all express our love differently. Nonetheless this works out for Wallace and Chantry anyway.

The supporting characters I think are what make the movie great. They are the opposite of the two leads. They fell in love almost instantly right in the beginning of the film and everything just works out. I am sure we all know a couple like that who fell in love at first sight and just ended up being so happy together. They provide the right amount of contrast in the story, so we aren’t just stuck watching two awkward people.

They send us through hardships as more of the characters personal lives unfold. Chantry must decide if she wants to endure a long-distance relationship with a boyfriend who is a poor communicator and if she will take a promotion as it is the final time it will be offered. Wallace needs to come to terms with his feelings and either tell her the truth or move on. His roommate Allen gives him horribly excellent advice about that.

In the end I honestly do think it is a great movie about falling in love and how sometimes it really can be beneficial to follow your heart. I think it is a hidden little gem that didn’t get a lot of mainstream attention. I don’t think it did anyway, I don’t recall seeing it advertised anywhere but I may have missed it. If you’re a fan of Daniel Radcliffe and want to watch a not-so-mushy romance film than I would highly recommend this one. It also stars Adam Driver in a support role which makes me wish I had a friend like him.

I’d give it four out of five stars for it being a romance and really showing both sides of the love story. It almost feels like it can be related too on so many levels. Something I find rare in films today. Since I am a fan of Daniel myself, it gets an extra star. It is nice to see things work out the way they did, even when you feel the situation is completely hopeless.


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