The Laundryman (2015)

I was browsing Amazon Prime Video and came across this gem, The Laundryman. Now the movie isn’t in English and has subtitles but personally I think that is part of its unique charm. I thought the movie looked cool and it sparked my interest, so I decided to watch it. I had to find the original title on Google, if I got it wrong let me know. Now to me this is an indie film because I grew up on Hollywood Blockbusters and didn’t know anything about non-Hollywood films. Hollywood is life… *cough* just kidding!

In general, the movie is about a hitman who works for a company that makes other people’s wishes come true. You know those “man I wish they were dead” kinds of wishes… don’t cheat yourself, we’ve all had them. It takes a weird turn when suddenly you see the person he just killed in his bed with a bunch of other people. At first it makes no sense to the viewer because you can’t determine right away, they are ghosting because they look so real! He asks his boss about it who tells him ghosts aren’t real and let me tell you she’s one seductive looking boss. Now our hitman is her best one, her No. 1 and she seems to really enjoy having him around, I don’t mean in a sexual way, but it could be implied.

I could go on and on and complain about how the story doesn’t really make much sense or that some of the acting could be better but I’m no actor so I’m not here to judge their abilities. Also, since I don’t speak the language I can’t say much. Nothing is really explained even when he eventually enlists a psychic to help him get rid of the ghosts who by now have invaded his apartment in force.

The psychic does try to help get rid of the ghosts but even her character isn’t explained very well, and our hitman ends up having to force her to help him try and get rid of the ghosts. Especially when she tells him that he needs to learn why he had to kill them, which obviously would be a breach of conduct with his boss. Nevertheless, he begins to track down the people who made the wish to have these people killed. As he does this the cops begin to get involved which is another part of the story that isn’t explained very well. They are supposed to be clever and either I missed it while reading the subtitles or it wasn’t explained very well. Now as he learns more about the people who hired him and why they wanted the other people dead it gets weird. Some of the stories are heartbreaking and others just don’t make sense and in the end most of them end up dead as the psychic gets possessed by the recently deceased and they get revenge.

Like most of the story it is unexplained and eventually someone, I think a police office or detective gets killed after No. 1 fails to do it himself and this basically marks the end. I guess he couldn’t deal with the ghosts anymore. Now, like any disobedient employee, the hunter becomes the hunted… typical and cliché really. I feel we see that a lot in a movie when someone goes against the established order. As he goes to face his boss and the police arrive at the same time it finally explains the origins of the entire organization, the seductive boss, and where she got her hitmen from. Part of some hospital program thing that was closed or something.

Even the ending doesn’t make any sense at all. Seriously, I am not even going to try and explain it to you. I can’t and the more I try to review this movie I get lost trying to put the pieces together.

I’d give the movie Two Stars, a star for effort and creativity and another for some decent acting. Don’t take my word for it but maybe go and watch it yourself if you have some time to kill. No pun intended.


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